5 Ways Of Increasing Traffic To Your Blog

Favicon Buzzoka Jul 26 2017
5 ways of increasing traffic to your blog

Every blog begins with a handful of readers comprising of your family members and friends. But you are not into blogging to share views with your family. You are targeting a wider audience and must find readers.

Here are a few techniques that you can use to attract more eyeballs for your blog.

A Simple But Catchy Domain Name That Can Be Easily Recalled:

When people discuss your blog, a catchy name can spread the word easily. A domain name that can be easily recalled will definitely help your blog become famous.

Be Consistent And Post At Fixed Times:

Posting consistently and at regular intervals will create a rhythm. It will also send a signal to readers. Do this regularly and they will know when exactly to expect your next blog.

Maintain High Quality

Your content must offer something of value to the readers. If they find you blog content unique, they will come back for more. This can steadily increase the flow of traffic to your blog.

Comment On Other Blogs By Top Bloggers In Your Niche:

Choose two or three top blogs and comment on them regularly. When you do this on a regular basis, they tend to return the favor. This can put the spotlight on you as readers will become aware of a new blogger in the niche they are interested.

Post Blogs On Forums:

Forums are a common place for information hunting. You can choose a few relevant forums to post your blogs or your blog links. You can get on Google search pages easily.


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