Facebook Influencer Marketing- Rising Above ROI

Favicon Buzzoka Sep 22 2017
Facebook influencer marketing

The ever expanding digital landscape is changing paradigms of businesses and marketing. It is influencing decision making processes and empowering customers to access information about their desired brands. Facebook influencer marketing is one the most promising strategies to add value to your brands.

  • Facebook influencers as oxygen for inbound marketing- Social media campaigns such as Facebook influencer marketing promise far greater yields and more meaningful customer relationships than one can imagine. In addition to enhanced word-of-mouth publicity, it promises higher number of expert opinions and social evidence about your brands value.
  • Influencing audience to engage with brands- Facebook influencers have the power to develop trust and love for brands. They help establish legitimate and sincere relationships between themselves, brands, and the customers. If the brands have the power to commit to influencers, then influencers will reciprocate by choosing to become long term brand advocators.
  • Feeding customers with reliable brand endorsements- It is observed that modern customers rely on influencers or unknown individuals who are able to provide moiré authentic and honest brand information than celebrity endorsements. Today’s customers have an insatiable hunger for word-of-mouth recommendations, ratings, and reviews.
  • Trusted and authentic resource- There is a huge rise of 34 percent in the number of individuals who use ad-blockers in 2016. Consumers are attaching a never before significance to the authenticity as one of the most important aspect of brand image. It is therefore no wonder that online marketing professionals are shifting their attention to Facebook influencers who are perceived as trusted individuals than the pop up ads.

One needs to look beyond the ROI to understand real value of Facebook influencer campaigns.

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