Facebook Leads The Way In Influencer Marketing Niche

Favicon Buzzoka Jul 26 2017
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With most of our activities shifting to social media, companies know that this is the right place to promote their brands. Consumers today are not looking at advertisements or product information to making buying decisions. Instead, they are looking at what their favorite personalities are buying and recommending. Personalities with massive following on top social media channels are in demand because of their ability to influence buying decisions. Facebook, with its striking 68 per cent share of global social media ad revenue, is driving the influencer marketing phenomenon.

Here are some more reasons why Facebook will continue to drive influencer marketing in the future too:

The Fastest Growing Social Media Platform:

Facebook has 1.7 billion users spread across the globe and its growing at a fast pace. It is thus one of the most valuable marketing platforms for brands as the reach of this platform is colossal.

Biggest Database Of Users

Influencers can promote brands to the largest conglomeration of social media users of across all age groups. It is estimated that an average user spends about 50 minutes of their time on FB and other apps owned by the company daily.

Has A Diverse Population:

Influencers will be able to reach teens, youngsters, middle age individuals and seniors, all on one platform. This diverse population presence is significantly more on FB than any other social media channel.

Immense Possibilities With Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a unique and innovative attempt that will help influencers engage with users more closely. It will create a new way of reaching out to buyers.


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