Growing Trend of Facebook Influencer Marketing

Favicon Buzzoka Sep 22 2017
Growing trend of facebook influencer marketing

With a growth in availability of analytics and tools that facilitate working with influencers, Facebook influencer marketing is set to rise in terms of its importance for brands. According to one of the studies it was revealed that only 14 percent social media professionals were not sure about use of influencer marketing and the majority agreed that influencer marketing was at the advanced stage.

Working with influencers is not time consuming anymore. With the advent of talent agencies and network services for influencer marketing mire and more marketers are planning higher budgets for this niche marketing. It is also found that many influencers are willing to be paid instead of getting compensated in the form of trips or products.

Facebook has become one of the most valuable marketing platforms with more than 1.7 billion global users. It has got hold of 68 percent ad revenue across the world according to eMarketer. The real potential of Facebook in terms of employing top Facebook influencers for creation and publishing of brand sponsored content.

It should be accepted that Facebook lacks platform-specific star influencers that can command social influence on relevant social mediums such as Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram among others. However, all important digital influencers do maintain their social existence on Facebook. Facebook acts as a central meeting place that enables global social media audiences to watch videos and photos posted by their most sought after social influencers.

It is found that partnering with Facebook influencers improve potential of brands to reach out to consumers that may be hard to market by other means.

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