How to Boost Twitter Engagement by Connecting with Influencers

Favicon Buzzoka Sep 22 2017
Boost twitter engagement

As far as the latest trends of social media tactics are concerned, influencers are driving brands and services with more than ten tomes returns on media expenditure. Influencers are found in almost every niche and size of the business.

Being practical- Anyone can think of dominating public figures or celebrities as influencers to promote a business. Instead of contemplating about the impossible, it would be practical to understand types of persons that are more likely to connect with your niche audience.

Identifying influencers- You need to spend some time reading Tweets from your potential or existing customers to understand the type of content they are interested in and look for the source of such content. You can also leverage advanced search of Twitter to get list of high value individuals in a particular area.

Connecting- Once you have been able to list local influencers, it is time to establish connections. Twitter facilitates reaching out to any Twitter user by using only @mention the particular influencer and reach out with your message.

Establish contact- Once you gave been able to develop a connect with the influencer, which can be performed by following up their Twitter account to build familiarity by sending responses, re-Tweeting or, making mention about the influencers in Tweets of your own. After the engagement phase you can Tweet to @mention the influencers.

Offer some value- It is quite common for high value influencers to get multiple requisitions from several brands. Offering them your product or service without any expectations can also make a difference.

 It is always better to start with engaging one or two influencers. Once you taste the success of influencers, it will be easy to move on to connect with more influencers.

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