How to Measure Real ROI of Facebook Influencer Campaigns

Favicon Buzzoka Sep 22 2017
Measure roi of facebook influencer

Brand promotion through social media influencer campaigns such as Facebook has been gaining worldwide acceptance. Many companies are earmarking higher budgets for conducting influencer campaigns. This kind of marketing expenditure can make one feel like spending without any guarantee of returns.

  • Goal setting for social media campaign- In addition to earning revenues, social media participation can support several business applications such as promoting public relations or empowering customer service.
  • Understand focus on desired actions- You can think of multiple actions that can result from your social media campaigns. These can be online purchases, video views, social interactions, or link clicks to name a few.
  • Identify social media influencers- Instead of just focusing on influencers by considering the parameters such as number of followers or higher reach it is advisable to look for influencers with remarkable engagement potential.
  • Sentimental analysis- Consumers can be positive, negative, or neutral about the brands. In addition to the rise in follower base it is better to understand the development of positive consumer relationship that can boost sales. ROI can be determined by understanding the extent of engagement, likes, comments, impressions, and creation costs.

Testing diverse categories of social media- While reviewing social media influencers, it is always better to include few more categories to cover wider base of audience. By comparing Key Performance Indicators between these categories one can get a clear knowledge about the most profitable categories of customers so that you are focus your efforts on right influencer categories.

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