Making the most of Twitter Trends to Boost Social Marketing

Favicon Buzzoka Sep 22 2017
Twitter trends to boost social marketing

The vast universe of Twitter constantly brings up new keywords, trends, and hashtags. These topics help us understand the general mood of the social conversation on a given day. The trending topics keep on gaining importance and then receding back by making way for other interesting conversations. One can leverage Tweeter trends to engage with right audience. Following tips will help you get the most of Tweeter trends.

Look beyond the obvious- It may be tempting to see the in-house ‘Trends’ page offered by Tweeter to check out the ten topmost trends of the particular moment. These are global trends and you may not get the relevant information of what is actually trending in the place of your interest. This is where the other services and sites including hashtags.org that help you filter trends by location.

Focus on organic trends- You need to beware of manufactured trends and stick to the real and genuine trends. Many marketing companies use Tweeter to create trends that may not be the real ones. Always focus on the interesting trends that are going to climb up the popularity ladder.

Digest the topic well- Social media can be really witty and sarcastic. Hence you need to properly understand the trending topic well before choosing it. A bit of research is always advisable to prevent communication gaps.

Mould the topic to boost your social presence- If you are sure that you have hit upon the right trending topic then you can get actively engaged in conversations.

No activity is complete if you are not sure of the impact or results. It pays to invest in a social media enabled dashboard. It can provide effect of different topics that are trending. It is advisable to use the basics of Twitter trends for operating social media marketing campaigns.

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