Reasons Why Facebook Influencers Work Better Than Those On Other Social Media Channels

Favicon Buzzoka Jul 26 2017
Facebook social media influencers

Companies are using influencers from various social media platforms to promote their brands and share information with the audience they are targeting online. As it is currently the world’s largest social media network, Facebook has become the natural choice of companies looking for influencers.

Influencers currently working with top brands are unanimous in their opinion that Facebook is the best platform for influencer marketing. FB boasts of having a staggering 1.7 billion users worldwide, thus automatically catapulting it to being the most valuable marketing platform. Brands looking for a massive social media reach can use the FB platform to connect with online audiences that reportedly spend close to 50 minutes daily on Facebook and owned apps.

Facebook influencers work better than those on other social media channels because:

Greater Exposure, Broader Reach:

With its ability to capture a whopping 68% of social media advertisement revenue, Facebook is the best place to find influencers to promote your brand. The best part is that the FB reach is across all age groups.

Potential For Cross Promotion:

Facebook has a diverse mix audience. You can leverage their reach across other social media channels where they are most likely to have an account to maximize the reach and impact of brands. FB influencers with large social followings can help your brand reach other key social media platforms as well.

You Can Leverage FB Live Content:

There are reports that Facebook is planning to hire social media specific content creators. The plan is to take on other similar platforms in a big way. FB Live will create a highly impactful medium where influencers can help brands grow organically.

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