Surefire Tips For Becoming A Twitter Influencer

Favicon Buzzoka Sep 22 2017
Surefire tips for becoming a twitter influencer

A Twitter influencer is a Twitterati who can the power of 140 characters to get other Twitter users to notice and talk about a topic or individual. Breaking news happens on Twitter faster than it appears on TV. It gets picked, tweeted and re-tweeted which makes it go viral. When Twitter influencers tweet, it gets noticed and re-tweeted by others because of the influence they wield on the social media channel. Thus specific news items start trending.

Want to become a Twitter influencer? You can be the proud bearer of that title by following these tips.

Make A Catchy And Intelligent Twitter Handle:

Your Twitter handle can say a lot about you even if users have not read your detailed profile. Make a creative and catchy handle to grab attention and get followers.

Creative And Friendly Hashtags:

Make sure you tweet using hashtags that are industry-specific and can be related to easily. Fancy and long unintelligible hashtags can put off users.

Keep Content Crisp:

Of course, Twitter has limitation of 140 characters so you have to keep content compact anyway. Develop the knack to use short, crisp sentences and the right words to maximize impact.

Tweet With An Out Of Box Style:

Unless you develop your unique style of tweeting, you will not be able to draw attention of other users. Be your own self and make sure you let your thoughts known loud and with clarity.

Always Respond:

Making connections is what makes a good Twitter influencer. Make sure you respond to those who like or retweet your tweets.

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