The Art Of Tagging Influencers On Twitter For Enhancing Your Reach

Favicon Buzzoka Jul 26 2017

Getting tagged is the new buzzword on popular social media channels like Twitter. Tagging can be done for several reasons. It could be a way of alerting someone that they are being talked about or for showing their presence at an event or gathering. Tagging is also done to give someone due credit or acknowledge their contribution to a cause. One of the most important reasons for tagging is to widen the reach of your social media marketing endeavor. This is how tagging people will work for your influencer marketing efforts.

  • You can incorporate a tweet or a link to your blog posts and tweet that you have recommended them. This can help you gain their attention.

  • Don’t just retweet their posts. Write your own comment and tweet their post including their Twitter handle to make it visible to them.

  • One of the most effective ways of getting an influencer to engage with you on Twitter is to respond to their tweet with an intelligent query. The question must be constructed in such a manner that it can set off a discussion.

  • Another effective way of making influencers aware of your existence is to tweet some specific hash tags that your influencers too are following and using. A word of caution – use these hash tags judiciously.

At times, it pays to be bold and direct on Twitter. You can try and break the ice by tweeting directly at the influencer you are targeting. It could be a simple introduction or an invitation to team up.


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