The Importance Of Using Images As An Influencer On Twitter

Favicon Buzzoka Jul 26 2017
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A picture is worth a thousand words may sound like a cliché but we all know that it is true. Images do matter as they have the capability to make a solid impact. On social media channels like Twitter, images can do wonders to your reputation but it is important to know which images to use, when and how.

Social media experts opine that content with relevant images can attract a significantly larger percentage of views than posts with only text. Visuals can give a dramatic lift to your marketing strategy on Twitter.

Here are a few tips on how to boost your presence on Twitter by using images as an influencer.

Get A Captivating Cover Photo

Use a powerful cover photo that can create a solid first impression about your brand. A high-resolution header photo that is in sync with your brand image is recommended. Capture interest by trying some interesting tricks such as a catchy slogan or title.

Share Images Directly And Regularly

Uploading pictures directly and regularly to your Twitter page will help you get the attention you are aiming for. You can make powerful statements by choosing photos relevant to your tweets and brand.

Tag People In Images:

When you tag an individual in your Twitter image, the chances of getting retweets is high. This can help you increase your reach effortlessly.

Use Images To Tell A Story:

A picture collage is a great way to resort to visual storytelling. With 4-picture collage now easy to use, you can put your creativity to use and create a huge impact on your targeted audience.

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