Why Custom Domain Name Is A Must For Your BlogSpot Blog

Favicon Buzzoka Sep 22 2017
Custom domain name for your blog

Generally, free hosting is regarded a bad idea. There could be reputed free hosting providers such as BlogSpot which is the preferred destination of most new bloggers. However, in many cases, you won’t have control over the presence of other websites or the ads on your website. As a new blogger, you cannot afford the slightest dent in your reputation. That’s why you need a custom domain name for your BlogSpot blog.

These are the key reasons why going for a custom domain name can be a smart move.

It Gives You High Credibility:

BlogSpot may have spammers as it is a free site. Having your website here can cause credibility issues. By using a custom name for your blog, you can announce clearly that yours is not a free blogging site.

It will fit in your budget:

Buying a domain is now cheap and won’t cost you much. You don’t have to worry about spending beyond your budget when you buy custom domain name on BlogSpot.

You can benefit from web promotion:

Most websites back out from giving a link back to sites like BlogSpot due to suspect reputation. When you have a custom domain name, web promotion can become easy and productive.

Gives Seriousness To Your Blogging Intent:

Your blog content might be of the best quality and you might have a great layout and design. But the very fact that you are on BlogSpot can put a question mark on the seriousness of your intent. When you use a custom domain name spending some money, your image gets a solid makeover.

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